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Hotmail was recently changed to after it was acquired by Microsoft. This means that you will be able to access the account via has a large subscriber base as it is one of the pioneering email services to have formed at the time when free, web based email services were a novelty feature. For those who wish to create a Hotmail account, they will surely love to be part of this thirty million subscriber base of this email service as it stands today. This email service has been created and launched by two entrepreneurs, Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia after which they sold it to MSN. Later on it came under the portfolio of offerings that MSN provides and it has undergone several changes in its branding and layouts as MSN has consolidated its online operations over time.When you own Hotmail account, the messages that come to your inbox and other mail folders are saved on specific web servers as allocated by MSN. You can check your emails from anywhere as long as you have online connection and are using a compatible web browser that fits the settings of this email service. There are several features as well as unique functions that are offered by this email service to its users. The email account can be managed in several ways by the users:

  • Email messages can be organized into different folders
  • Custom folders can be created by the Hotmail users
  • You can opt for the automatic sorting function in the email settings
  • You can configure a unique signature for your mails or set an auto reply for different instances
  • There are themes that allow you to change the feel and look of your mail

Hotmail Login 2022

If you wish to login to your Hotmail account, here are the changes you will face and what you will experience:

  • Hotmail has been transitioned and moved to ; the domains have become one and all subscribers and their accounts will be found under this one, unified platform
  • Your email address remains as if you wish to but they have all been moved to the inbox. That signifies that, if someone addresses an email to your, it will land up in our Hotmail or Outlook account
  • Without any loss of data, the emails, calendars, rules, contacts and other features of your inbox have been moved to the inbox. You have the option of using your Hotmail address as before or you can get an address as well if you want
  • Whether you type in, or, it will open up the sign in page where you can login using your Hotmail account credentials.


If you wish to save the login details, you can click on that option. You can also change the new page layout of your Hotmail inbox by visiting the settings tab. Here you can click on the option given to change back to the old Hotmail interface.

You might be one of the numerous others who own existing Hotmail accounts and now find themselves under the domain, whether they like it or not. Hotmail was a revolutionary web based mail service at the time it was introduced. At that time, free, web based email service that allowed one to access their account anywhere in the world, through an internet connection, was a novelty feature. At that time only ISP related email services were common which had to be paid for and one had to check their mail though the subscribed IP address or computer.

After having sold the successful email service to Microsoft, the owners of Hotmail become billionaires and the successful email service story continued. Millions of subscribers signed up for the service and even today, several old users of Hotmail account have stayed with this brand loyally and not given way to temptations brought forward by modern, web based services like Gmail, Yahoo and others. For the large subscriber base that Hotmail commands, MSN has not deleted its identity but subtly removed its domain or brought it under That means, you get to keep your existing Hotmail address. Your account remains the same with all its emails and in the folders as organized from before.

You have access to additional features under the Live brand experience and your Hotmail ID becomes the one MSN ID you can use to access all its other functions and services. Today, when you sign up for a new Hotmail ID, it will no longer be a Hotmail ID but an MSN or Outlook ID. For existing Hotmail users, they need not sign up for a separate ID as their existing Hotmail ID will suffice on the upgraded platform

Hotmail Sign In

Here are the guidelines for registering your hotmail account. Visit the official hotmail website: You will be automatically redirected to the web page

  • Here you can see the hotmail sign in option. You can enter email and password in the box provided and click on the sign-in option, if you are already having a Microsoft account. If you do not have Windows Live or Hotmail address, click on “create one” option below the sign in box. You will be directed to the Fill out the “create an account” page.
  • Enter the basic information needed by Microsoft like your first name, last name, country/ region, birth date with month, day and year, gender, country code, phone number. You will also need to enter an alternate e-mail address for safety purpose.


  • To fill the create an account form; you need to select a username. This username will remain as your ID for using all Microsoft services. Select a user name which is unique and which you will be able to recollect easily.  You can use numbers, alphabets, periods, etc., to make your username unique. Enter the username and click on the drop down to select as your email ID. If Microsoft finds your username not available for use, then you need to select another new one or make modification by adding numbers, periods, etc.
  • The next step is to create the password for your hotmail ID. You need to select a password with not less than 8 characters. You need to use a mix of alphabets, numbers and symbols to create the password. Avoid using easy to guess words and personal information as your password. Always keep your password secure. You need to re-enter the password in the next box to confirm your password.
  • Microsoft verifies that you are not a robot by asking you to enter the captcha code provided. If you are unable to read the code given to you, use the “new” button to get a new code or you can click on the “audio” button to hear the code through your computer speakers.
  • You can click on the next box, if you want to get promotional offers from Microsoft Company. You can unsubscribe this option any time you need.
  • Now click on “create account” box to agree to the service agreements and privacy policy of Microsoft.

Hotmail Sign in process

After you create the Hotmail account, sign in is very simple. Enter the username and password in the hotmail sign in page in the correct type boxes and then click on sign in option to get access to the mails. If you know the features offered by the hotmail service, you will be able to take full advantage of this service.  It offers complete security for signing in, reading and sending mails, etc. It offers good storage capacity and ease in sending huge files. You will be able to view, share and edit docs without downloading.

You can even create more than one Hotmail account for different purposes as well. Just make sure that you remember the passwords for these accounts.

Communication through emails has become an essential part of our life. We use email service to communicate with our family, business associates, colleagues, friends, etc.  Hotmail is the first e-mail service from Microsoft and it is one of the most popular services among internet users. This service is available from Microsoft at the website address This is a completely free email service which offers fast and flexible service.  You need to have a Hotmail or Microsoft account to use this service and it is very easy to create an account to access various Microsoft products like windows operating system, OneDrive, Xbox live apart from email services such as and You can use the official sing/sign up page of hotmail website or hotmail’s mobile app to create the hotmail account. When you create a hotmail account, you will be able to use a feature rich email service and you will be able to be in touch with your family and business associates and friends in a more efficient way.

The OneDrive service allows you to access any files in your inbox to PCs, Macs, smart phones and iPads. To find the step by step process in creating the hotmail account.

Create Hotmail Account

The drawback of this email service is akin to all other web based email services. It is not possible to access old messages even if the online connection is not present. In order to access the email account you need to have internet connection. The process of creating an email account here is easy. The process is described below:

  • You need to open a compatible web browser and type in the web address of the Hotmail official site.
  • Even if the layout of the Hotmail main page changes, you will be able to find the sign up link easily
  • The sign up process is simple and requires basic personal information, creation of a unique username and password which will protect your account and will be easily remembered by you
  • Today the Hotmail ID offers you access to a large range of MSN services. As the Hotmail service has been integrated under the Windows Live campaign, you will be able to access your mail account through the outlook domain as well as use the same Hotmail credentials to sign into Live services, Messenger and Xbox amongst others

With the large subscriber base of Hotmail, it might take a little while for you to find a unique username as most of the desirable ones will be taken. You will be offered options that you can use and you would need to fill in country and birth date details as well before the sign up process is completed. vs Outlook

No Email Ads

Hotmail used to have the display ads on the inbox page of its user and users were forced to take a look at these ads. Microsoft has clearly done away with this display ads concept in Outlook email service and now you will only see keyword based text ads on the right side of the inbox pane. The text message ads will only be coming on your message pane if it is a newsletter or an official communication message. The ads will not show up for personal emails.

Social Media Integration

A striking difference between Hotmail and Outlook email is the interesting new features that have come up on One of them is social integration wherein most recent tweets and Facebook updates are imported along with the profile page links. You can also comment, retweet, reply or like these tweets and Facebook updates from your message pane.

Better Interface

The Outlook comes out with a blue theme that is easily recognizable when compared to the noisy theme of Hotmail. The layout is a tight one that gives priority to email and hence it is in the front and center. There is just one action item that is offered by Outlook when nothing is selected and that is: compose a new message. The Hotmail folders are retained in Windows Live Messenger can also be launched at any time you want to chat and Skype is also integrated in Outlook.

Outlook Shines   

The Outlook mail service from Microsoft has become more usable and clean than Hotmail with social and Skype integration. The Outlook web email service has improved leaps and bounds than what it used to be with Hotmail around. Upgrading to Outlook account is also very easy and you do not need to create a new account to sign in You can use your old Hotmail account 2022 to sign in.