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Hotmail Login is a best email services that allows internet users to create their mail account. Initially it was a part of MSN services but was later rebranded as Windows Live Hotmail. Nowadays, Hotmail accounts are now migrated to outlook domain. It is one of the most popular email services just like Gmail.

Hotmail has a very smooth and easy user interface which most people love to explore. It has been providing range of services and features compared to different subscription based email service providers. Login | Create Hotmail Account at Sign in

Internet plays a pivotal role in our daily lives and one of the most important features provided by internet is email service. It is the most popular way to stay connected (personally or officially) through email accounts. It is an essential part of online world and one of the key reasons why people login to internet. In order to access email service such as Hotmail, one should understand how to login and signup to your Hotmail account.

In this article, we will help you understand about the complete detailed procedure about how to sign up to your Hotmail account through your device. After creating your own account, you can start sending mail, messages or both personal and professional work.

How to Sign up a New Hotmail Account Through :

One of the key things to note here that signing up in Hotmail account is absolutely free of cost. hotmail is also known as a Microsoft account. Some people have a misconception about Hotmail or Microsoft account is that having a different name associated with their ID such as Hotmail compared to Gmail doesn’t give you the required service, feature or keeps you restricted. below we sharing easy steps to sign up a Hotmail account process is extremely easy and complicated.

Below are some of the easy steps to create your Hotmail account and how you will be able to create your account within few minutes.

Guide to Create Hotmail Account Easily Within Few Minutes:

Sign up procedure for Hotmail Account is quite simple and easy without involving any complicated procedure. In order to create your Hotmail account, you need to follow certain easy steps.

  • First step to do is that you need to visit “” and you will be able to explore different options available to sing. All you need to do is provide your Hotmail ID and password. If you don’t have any ID and password then first you need to do is create your account by mentioning a unique Hotmail id and password.


  • There is information presented in the webpage “Create an account”. It says that if you have already sign in to Windows Phone, PC, Tablet, Xbox live, or OneDrive then you need to use email address to sign in. Otherwise you can create the email address.
  1. When you open a webpage of Hotmail Account then you will be presented with a form with complete structure where you need to enter the relevant information in the boxes.
  2. Inside the first box, you need to provide your name. Ensure that you provide your real name inside the box because this name will be required so that others can recognize you or send you email. Provide your first name inside the box “First Name” and “Last Name” under last name box.
  3. It is important that you provide your username that matches the name and ensure that you can even enter numerical value in the username. Now you have set the username, you have another option “” and “”.
  4. If you are about to choose Hotmail then it may take some to get correct usernames because if the username field is not unique then it will not allow you to proceed further. It is advisable to enter a suitable username that is easier to remember for you because it is easier to retrieve in case you forget.
  5. Under the password field, you can provide a unique password which is also easier for you to remember. Make sure when you provide the password, you can also include some numerical value in it so that the strength of password is strong. After providing the password, you can select the country where you reside.
  6. Provide the personal information such as birth date, month and year. It is important to provide this mandatory information but you don’t have to worry about the information as it will be kept as private information.
  7. Inside the gender Box, you need to provide gender information as Male or female.
  8. Provide information such as Phone Number box as this information will help you when you want to reset the forgotten password. So you must give that personal number which is active and also provide a secondary email ID as information.
  9. After entering above information, you will find an image where you need to enter the captcha code correctly in the box. If you don’t provide the correct captcha code then you will not be able to sign up. There is an option of providing audio in case you don’t understand the picture.
  10. After providing the correct steps, you need to click on Blue bar button and you will be able to create an account.
  11. After clicking on blue bar button then you need to provide verification code which you need to provide. After giving the code, you can click on “Continue” Button and finally you will be able to create your own account.


After completing above steps, you will be able to create your own Hotmail login account with your device easily and you will be able to sign up within few minutes and use all its features.

The above mentioned steps are easy to perform and don’t require much time. Another important thing after creating your Hotmail account is to understand how to sign in or login to your Hotmail account.

The above steps are quite simple to perform and you can go through the steps mentioned below.

How to Login sign in into Hotmail Account:

In order to login to your account Hotmail account, there are several important procedures involved and easy to perform. All these steps involve different ways to login to your Hotmail Account as it is important to choose any of the steps which is easier to perform.

Normal way to logging into Your Hotmail Account:

Below are some of the easy steps which are normally performed. These are the normal steps that you can do for logging into any other account like adding password or username. So the procedure for logging is same for any other email services. Below are the steps involved.


  1. First you need to open the official Hotmail account website “”.
  2. Under the webpage, you will be able to see two boxes – one is “email or phone” box and “password”
  3. Inside the email or phone box, you can provide information such as phone number or email ID.
  4. Under the password filed, you need to provide the password you chose while using signup.
  5. After some time, you will be able to access your email account.

The above procedure is simple to access and you can easily access your hotmail account using the access username and password. So the above procedure is quite simple and you don’t have to follow about the procedure.

Tips of Setting Password for accessing Hotmail account

It is important to set up a password which is not that complicated and easier to remember. At the same time it is important to ensure that you keep the password complexity in check because you don’t want to end up keeping your password insecure and any hacker can breach the vulnerabilities in your password.

Here are some of the key suggestions that you can keep in mind while creating your Hotmail account username and password because you need to keep your account safe and secure from hackers.

Below are the tips that you want to follow while creating your new account and you need to set your password. Some people keep their passwords simple so that they don’t have to forget the password anymore. Below are certain considerations that you can make while setting password.

  1. While you set your password, you need to ensure that your password should not only contain alphabets but it should also consist of special symbols and numerical letters so that the password complexity could be increased. Giving a complex combination of password will make it hard for any hacker to crack the password.
  2. Never set the key important dates as your password or in the username field. You must never set your birthdate in the password field because it will make the things more obvious for hackers to crack it.
  3. It is a good practice to keep the password field at least of 8 characters. Length of the password is also very important because it will make the combinations increased and therefore the complexity of password will also be better.

So these are the key important practices that you must consider while setting username and password. While setting new password field, you need to keep in your mind all above key considerations and then set the password.


Above are some of the easy steps to sign up a new Hotmail account and understand how to sign in the Hotmail account using the normal process by providing access username and password? Above procedure is quite simple and easy while keeping your new Hotmail Login account ready within few minutes without wasting anytime. If you are having problems ten you can be 100% sure about getting solution.

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