Hotmail Two Step Verification – Turn on or Off Two Step Verification for Hotmail

Hotmail Two Step Verification :- With the huge advancement in technology today we can do all the things that we wish to do. We can easily search and connect with people we wish to. Most of the individuals even today are using and have accounts in the different applications on the web. But how can assure yourself that you are 100% safe and there are no issues in terms of the malicious hackers. Well to be secured is one of the most important things and there are many ways you to do it and use it like a Hotmail.

Hotmail is a free online service that was launched in the year 1996, and was acquired by the Microsoft industry in the year 1997. Their services include unlimited storage space, and links to the different applications like google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Skype. It has been successful in integrating the search and filters of the unsolicited mail. Also, this helps the users to be organized with schedules, saved contacts, meetings and the last but not the least other important events.


Hotmail two step verification procedure helps you to stay protected, preventing others from accessing and signing into your Microsoft account. The entire process has two different security information required be it your password and the contact method for your identification. So, if you have a two-step verification and someone tries to access your account, they can no longer gain an access to your account.

Once you have turned on the two-step verification and every time you have signed up from an unknown device, you will receive a security code through your email or the phone. And in case the two-step verification is been turned off, then verify your identity by the security codes that will occasionally be there if your account is at any risk.

How Do you Turn on or off your two-step verification?

If you need a two-step verification process account you will first to provide your email address. And as suggested you will need two major accounts the one that you will need for a backup, and a phone number. And when you are signing into some new device you will then receive a verification code in the input. 

In order to activate a two-step verification process given here are the following steps that you need to follow:

  1. Sign into a Microsoft account in order to see if you are able to login into your account.
  2. Go and select the more security options.
  3. After going ahead and selecting the verification under it, go ahead and select the two-step verification process in order to activate it or you are already offering it.

A little reminder for you here is that, while you are turning on your two-step verification process you will have to provide two different kinds of identification. Forgetting your password is not at a problem especially when you have the contact methods. But if you don’t have the contact for it then you will no more be able to access your account.

Remember that you will just have 30 days to regain the access for your account. And it is essential that you will have at least three security information system been connected with your account, so that you could recover your account when ever there are issues related to it.

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