Recover Hotmail Password – Reset Hotmail Account

Have you ever thought of changing your password or resetting your Hotmail or the outlook account? But how would you do this by yourself? Do you have any idea of how you can do so? Hotmail or the outlook account password can be changed for various reasons. It can be changed because the user wishes to do so or for a better security. On the other hand, password resetting is a must required process to make sure that the account is active and in a good condition. 


It is through this a secured and proper functioning Hotmail and outlook can be achieved. Theft, spamming, and the other kinds of processes can be avoided by regularly setting your Hotmail or the outlook account. Resetting the password has some spammy and other shady kids of purposes. The resetting process can be done even by using a mobile phone or say a desktop.

Steps you need to follow to reset the password:

Before resetting your account, password be it Hotmail or outlook password do make sure that you have another such active email like Gmail or something in order to receive the verification code right on your phone.

  • For the very first step go to the outlook application and click on it.
  • Then go to the file and click on account settings. Listed will be the settings that will help your account to function properly.
  • Then click on reset password and update your new password immediately. Once you have entered the new password re-enter it and have it for verified for total security. Once ok click and enjoy your newly set password.

Resetting your password for office 365 subscriber:

  • Click on the outlook application and look out for the file. Then click on the account settings that then contain various setting for the betterment and the security of the account.
  • Then search for the email for which you wished to change the password.
  • Once you get the window for change the password, reset the password to the new one and then update the new one depending on the desire. Make sure to update a password that is a bit hard and is easy to remember.
  • Once done close the account and finish button to accomplish and save the changes done in the account. 

How to reset your password through desktop:

  • You will first have to sign in to your account and click on the security button.
  • Then click on change the password.
  • After that have the password being reset and then add the new password depending on the desire. Just make sure to remember the password to avoid resetting and recovering it once forgotten.
  • Check and click the save button in order to reset your account fully.

Resetting the account password can be accomplished by easily following the steps. The above mentioned steps can help the one to reset their password at ease.

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