How to Sign up Hotmail account, 100% success

Hotmail sign up – In this post, we will discuss how to create an Outlook account or, which is a free email service similar to Yahoo and Gmail. An account is required when we want to access the OneDrive service or Microsoft Office Online.

So in addition to being able to send and receive e-mail, MSN Hotmail email accounts and prospects. We can use it when we want to access OneDrive, where cloud storage, where we can store the Different files as backup or backup or shared with colleagues, friends or the public.

Not only can you open OneDrive but we can use this Hotmail account to access Office Online for free so that we can create free MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files online without having to install the first application on PC.


Actually, create Hotmail accounts is easy, but for those of you who do not know how to do it, please follow the instructions below:

  • The first step is to open the page.
  • Then select No account? Create one! as shown in the picture below.


  • Then fill in your full name.

  • Then select Get a new email address, then in the username column, enter your desired email address and also choose whether you want to use or


  • Create password, select country, date of birth, gender, mobile phone number, e-mail address (optional).

  • Finally, enter the authentication code that appears on the PC screen and select the Create Account button.


  • Wait until the registration process is complete, and if successful it will look like the picture below.
  • To access the inbox to read or send e-mail, select View Inbox. Done.

It does not differ much from the way Yahoo and Gmail actually register, but the difference is when the list of new hotmail and outlook accounts does not seem to need to be verified through cell phone numbers.

How easy is it not to create an outlook or Hotmail account? Furthermore, after our account has been created, it can be used directly to receive and send e-mails even when creating documents online through Microsoft Office Online.

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